2016 Board Reports


President’s Report

Prepared by: Lou Ann Kibbee, President

Description of Committee: The Executive Committee of NCIL shall be composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, the Chair of the Regional Representatives, the Chair of the Diversity Committee, and the Executive Director. The Executive Committee may take action on behalf of the Governing Board between Governing Board meetings. Actions taken by the Executive Committee shall be consistent with the mission of the organization, the direction of the organization as prescribed by the goals of the organization, and within the Governing Board’s approved annual organizational budget. The Executive Committee shall evaluate the performance of the Executive Director. The annual evaluation shall be conducted in January of each year.

Summary of activities conducted since the 2015 Annual Meeting:

  • Ongoing communication with Executive Director Kelly Buckland and Vice President Mark Derry.
  • Work with Vice President on issues with Subcommittees.
  • Continue working with Vice President and Executive Director on advocacy alerts and sign-ons with other organizations.
  • Meeting with Kathy Greenlee & ACL staff as follow up to July 31st meeting.
  • Worked with Secretary and Staff to update Board Orientation Training.
  • Presented mandatory NCIL Committee Chair Training with Vice President.
  • Worked with Staff on Board Meeting / Reception with SECDA (South East Center Director Association) in Nashville.
  • Participated in Rehab Subcommittee workgroups to develop comments on proposed WIOA regulations.
  • Met with the TN CIL / SILC Directors along with the NCIL Executive Committee.
  • Participated in and presented at the NCIL Policy Briefing Reception in DC in February.
  • Participated in a call with a representative from OMB in regards to the proposed rules.
  • Chaired meeting with Bob Williams and Tim Beatty and the NCIL Board in February.
  • MIS/Data Collection Workgroup finished their work so workgroup has ended.


  • Appointed Sarah Launderville as Chair of the Veterans Subcommittee
  • Appointed Steve Higgins as Co-Chair of the ADA/Civil Rights Subcommittee
  • Appointed Jessie Lorenz as the Chair of the Parenting with a Disability Task Force under the ADA/Civil Rights Subcommittee.
  • Appointed Sam Liss as the Chair of the Medicaid Buy-In Work Incentives Task Force under the Employ/Social Security Subcommittee.
  • Appointed Anne-Marie Hughey as Chair of the MIS/Data Collection workgroup.
  • Appointed Jeff Iseman as the Chair of the Transportation Subcommittee.
  • Accepted the resignations of Shannon Jones and Diana Garrett as Co-Chairs of the Rehab Act/IL Funding Sub.
  • Appointed Jeff Hughes and Ann McDaniel as Co-Chairs of the Rehab Act/IL Funding Subcommittee.
  • Accepted the resignation of Diana Garrett as NCIL Region VI Representative and appointed Julie Espinoza as the Region VI Rep to finish the term through July 28, 2016.
  • Appointed Erika Reil as Co-Chair of the ADRC Subcommittee.
  • Appointed Billy Altom as Co-Chair of the Veterans Subcommittee.

Regular Meetings:

  • Chaired Board meeting in Nashville.
  • Chaired Board meeting July 31st post conference
  • Chaired Executive Committee meetings
  • Chaired Board meeting in February in DC.
  • Participated in workgroup on membership approval.
  • Chaired in workgroup on Succession Planning for ED.
  • Participated on Rehab Act Subcommittee calls
  • Participated in various Legislative & Advocacy Subcommittee calls
  • Participated in some Legislative & Advocacy Committee calls
  • Participated in Annual Conference Subcommittee calls
  • Participated in WIOA Task Force calls
  • Participated on Finance Committee calls
  • Participated in Corporate Development Council call
  • Participated on MIS/Data Collection Workgroup calls
  • Participated on Global IL Summit Workgroup call.

Summary of progress on Strategic Plan responsibilities (if applicable): The NCIL Board extended the current Strategic Plan another year. NCIL has had some real success with some of our goals in the Strategic Plan but much more work to be done. The NCIL Board will be having a Strategic Planning session in the Fall to develop a new strategic plan. The Board may choose to carry over some of the current goals.

Matters requiring action by the Board/Members: No action needed.

Committee goals and objectives for the next year: As Board President, my goal has always been to work with the rest of the NCIL Board and membership to maintain NCIL’s position as the “Go To” organization on Independent Living and Disability Issues in DC. The top priority for our committee is to manage the NCIL organization positively and successfully as a team. The staff, along with the Finance Committee and Resource Development Subcommittee, have done an amazing job at not only maintaining NCIL’s finances through some very difficult times but have also developed resources for NCIL surpassing our history. The Executive Committee also makes the legislative and advocacy priorities of our membership to be our main goals with IL Funding increase at the top. We will continue to be good stewards of the NCIL organization and advocate to improve IL for our members and all people with disabilities.

Other: I want to say that being a member of the NCIL Board takes a great deal of commitment-both financially and otherwise. To be a part of the NCIL Board and be involved to make real change, it is also one of the best experiences as an advocate. I will be going into my last year as Board President after this conference. I am one of those few Board members that have been around a long time with 16 years served so far. With it being my last year, I really hope to serve the membership well and make some successful change. But I really want to thank all the Board members that have come and gone that I have worked with through the years who have taught me so much. In particular, there are three people who have served on the NCIL Board for quite some time and have been a part of the Executive time off and on also, who I want to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation because these three individuals are going off the Board this year. So please join me in thanking Mark Derry, Vice President; Ann McDaniel, Secretary; and Stan Holbrook, Diversity Committee Chair for their immense tireless work they have given to NCIL through the years. Thank you! Thank you!

We also have other Board members who have decided to go off the Board this year that have committed a great deal through the years doing some amazing work for our organization. Please help me extend our appreciation to Pat Puckett, Region IV Rep; Cliff Perez, Region II Rep; and Diana Garrett, Region VI Rep for committing their time and work to make NCIL successful.

I would also like to extend my appreciation to all the Chairs of the NCIL Committees, Subcommittees, and Task Forces as well as all the NCIL members who participate in these groups. You are all truly the grassroots boots on the ground for NCIL getting a lot of our work done.

I want to thank all the members of our Corporate Development Council for your participation and commitment to NCIL. I know NCIL membership appreciates the fact that you want to strengthen NCIL, which gives us the opportunities to help CILs and SILCs change the lives of people with disabilities across the country and world.

Last but certainly not least, NCIL has the best team of staff who have done some remarkable work for all of us. Let’s make this next year the best ever!

Annual Conference Subcommittee Report

Prepared by: Roger Frischenmeyer, Chair

Description of Committee: The charge of the Annual conference subcommittee is to develop and implement a conference program that, to the greatest extent possible, meets the educational and experiential needs of centers for independent living, statewide independent living councils, and people with disabilities.

Summary of activities conducted since the 2015 Annual Meeting:

  • Reviewed feedback from Annual Conference
  • Conducted monthly meetings
  • Began to plan this year’s annual conference
  • Gave input regarding the pre-conference

Summary of progress on Strategic Plan responsibilities (if applicable): None at this time.

Matters requiring action by the Board/Members: None at this time.

Committee goals and objectives for the next year:

  • Review 2016 conference evaluation results
  • Establish theme for 2017 conference by October
  • Distribute RFP for conference workshops by Mid-November
  • Use conference to expand youth involvement in NCIL
  • Maximize training opportunities applicable to all NCIL members and targeted future members at the Annual Conference

Membership and Nominating Subcommittee Report

Prepared by: Charlotte Stewart, Chair

Description of Committee: Coordinates with NCIL staff and the members of the Regional Reps Committee matters related to membership in the organization and the nomination process for the Annual Council Meeting.

Summary of activities conducted since the 2015 Annual Meeting: The Subcommittee usually met on a monthly basis via teleconference to review and approve new and renewing CIL and SILC membership applications for 2016.

Copies of NCIL’s Guiding Principles are now included with each membership application that is distributed to insure that members comply with the principles.

Summary of progress on Strategic Plan responsibilities (if applicable): Continued working on strategic plan initiatives that included increasing membership, revenue, and the number of individual CIL and SILC board members and employees joining as paid individual members.

Matters requiring action by the Board/Members: A dues increase of 5% for CILs, SILCs and Organizational members effective for the 2017 membership year.

Committee goals and objectives for the next year:

  • Create a more diverse NCIL board by developing a more inclusive board recruitment process. Review existing NCIL demographic and other informational forms completed by current board members to determine expertise needs to use when recruiting potential board members.
  • Recruit new members to serve on this Subcommittee.

Regional Representatives Committee Report

Prepared by: Maureen Ryan, Chair

Description of Committee: The purpose of the Regional Representative Committee is to promote communication with NCIL membership

Summary of activities conducted since last Board Meeting:

We still have 10 our Region Reps!!! Sadly, Diana Garret has resigned as Region VI Rep due to finding a job outside of IL. We will greatly miss all of Diana’s contributions to her region and NCIL as a whole. Fortunately, Diana found a great new person who was interested and willing to fulfill her current term and Julie Espinoza was appointed by the NCIL President a month ago. We are so lucky to have Julie step right in and address all of the conference responsibilities – she is Girl on Fire!! Welcome, Julie.

The even numbered regions are up for election in 2016. 3 of the 5 RRs are running for re-election. The other 2 Cliff Perez and Pat Puckett have resigned, but worked diligently to find candidates to run in their regions. We would like to extend huge thanks to both Cliff and Pat for their long hours and contributions to NCIL and their Regions. We will greatly miss both of you!!

The RRs continue to work on increasing NCIL’s membership. This includes outreaching by personal phone calls, emails, and one on one contacts with people in their region. We also continue targeting 1 CIL per month in each region that used to be a member of NCIL, but did not renew their membership. Hopefully this will continue to lead to an increase in the number of CILs.

The RRs are working with the Membership Committee on potentially increasing the NCIL membership dues in 2017. Discussion will come to NCIL Board through Membership/HR committee.

Most of the RR’s focus the last few months has been on preparation for the annual conference. We are very excited to announce that all of the Regions have Regional Advocacy Award winners, and many of them will be able to receive their awards in person at the NCIL conference luncheon banquet. The RRs have been working the states in their region to coordinate their legislative visits on 7/26/16 and to be ready for our additional responsibilities for the conference, such as the annual March and the regional caucuses.

Summary of progress on Strategic Plan responsibilities (if applicable): Although the RR Committee is not the lead on any of the Plan’s goals, we are working with other committees on 3 goals; Increase Membership, Build effective action alert response system, and Provide training and technical assistance.

Matters requiring action by the Board/Members: None at this time.

Committee goals and objectives for the next year:

  • All Regions have active Region Reps.
  • Increase the number of states in which the RRs have State Contacts.
  • Complete the activities for the 3 goals within the Strategic Plan – see above.

Youth Caucus Report

Prepared by: Maddy Ruvolo, Chair

Description of Committee: The NCIL Youth Caucus is a space for members of NCIL age 26 and younger to connect and advocate together on issues that are important to youth with disabilities. The Youth Caucus works to increase involvement of young adults within NCIL and to bolster their participation on committees and on the Board.

Summary of activities conducted since the 2015 Annual Meeting: Since the 2015 Annual Meeting, the Youth Caucus has successfully advocated for a Youth At Large position on the NCIL Board, held monthly phone meetings, heard from guest speakers in the disability community, and fostered disability community online through our Facebook group (which has grown to nearly 200 people). Last fall, we released a statement in solidarity with students of color protesting racism on their campuses. This spring and summer we have once again granted scholarships that enable youth with disabilities to attend the NCIL Conference, and have been working with the Youth Scholars to ensure they will have a positive experience at the conference.

Summary of progress on Strategic Plan responsibilities (if applicable): N/A

Matters requiring action by the Board/Members: None.

Committee goals and objectives for the next year: After the 2016 NCIL Conference, the Youth Caucus will be led by Jessica Jimenez, who will be the new Youth Caucus Chair. In the next year, the Youth Caucus aims to continue its growth, feature more guest speakers on monthly calls, and support the new Youth At Large member on the NCIL Board.

Legislative and Advocacy Committee Report

Prepared by: Mark Derry, Vice President

Description of Committee: The Legislative and Advocacy (L&A) Committee consists of the Chairs of the legislative and advocacy subcommittees and the Chair of the Regional Representatives. The L&A Committee shall undertake activities as directed by the President, as well as selecting a recipient or recipients for NCIL’s annual advocacy awards. The Vice President is Chair the Legislative and Advocacy Committee and monitors the activities of the legislative and advocacy subcommittees. The function of the L & A Committee is to develop and implement NCIL’s legislative and advocacy agenda.

Summary of activities conducted since the 2015 Annual Meeting:

  • Chaired monthly Legislative & Advocacy (L&A) Committee meetings
  • Attended monthly Executive Committee meetings
  • Attended many L&A Subcommittees’ monthly conference calls at least once during this period, to touch base with each Subcommittee Chair, and more regularly on certain calls where necessary to maintain a regular connection to the Board to react to the issues in a timely manner as hot topics occur.
  • Provided NCIL Committee Chair Training in October for all NCIL Chairs, including updating the training manual and slide presentation for NCIL archives.
  • Participated in planning and organizing the 2016 Hill Briefing.
  • Appeared at the request of the White House at a Forum in West Virginia hosted by the President concerning new programs for fighting opiate addiction.
  • Orchestrated the submission of updates by Subcommittee Chairs for the L&A Policy Booklet to NCIL Communications Coordinator (guru) Eleanor Cantor for the Spring Edition (Congressional Briefing) and Summer (Annual Conference).
  • Worked with Executive Director and Emergency Preparedness Chair to move forward with negotiations that resulted in the establishment of a Red Cross Disability Integration Coordinator, and Disability Advisory Council.
  • Organized the NCIL National Policy Update Call in July, in preparation for the Annual Conference and Hill Visits.
  • Work continues on the NCIL ADA Survey Academy, booking Host Sites with project partners (NCIL Member Centers) as well as continuing discussions for an Access Academy Network as a bi-product of the initial project.

Summary of progress on Strategic Plan responsibilities (if applicable): Currently taking action per the direction of the President, and have been focused on responsibilities of L&A Committee in current Strategic Plan updates. NCIL VP / L&A Chair has been participating with NCIL Executive Director and legal team regarding possible legal actions. Much effort by subcommittee chairs, Region Reps, and staff went into preparation for the Congressional Reception, which was one step toward working on developing IL Champions in Congress.

Matters requiring action by the Board/Members: Consideration and approval of the new Position Descriptions for the Vice President and Advocacy Chair. Discussion by the Board on the goals and objectives of the new NCIL Vice President.

Committee goals and objectives for the next year:

  • Continue working through Subcommittee personnel and operational issues and NCIL policies regarding Subcommittees.
  • Make tangible progress on Strategic Plan responsibilities of the L&A Committee.
  • Assist the Legislative & Advocacy Subcommittees and Chairs in their efforts to promote NCIL’s advocacy positions and activities.

Other: The NCIL L&A Chair will provide any additional updates and information on breaking developments in the Vice President’s Report during the Board Meeting.

Thanks as always to the continued support of the NCIL Staff who help make the NCIL Legislative & Advocacy Committee’s work possible, and thanks to all the NCIL Subcommittee Chairs for all their hard work for IL!

ADA / Civil Rights Subcommittee Report

Prepared by: Mark Derry and Steve Higgins, Co-Chairs

Description of Subcommittee: The purpose of the Subcommittee is to educate and inform the membership of legislative and judicial developments that impact the rights of people with disabilities, and to develop appropriate and effective steps for the NCIL membership to implement in response. The Subcommittee provides referral of the NCIL membership to appropriate enforcement authorities concerning discrimination under the ADA and other civil rights laws.

Summary of activities conducted since the 2015 Annual Meeting:

  • The committee began meeting on the third Monday of every month at 3:00 Eastern via conference call.
  • The Subcommittee has been reorganizing under New Co-Chairs Steve Higgins and Mark Derry, with several new and returning members this year. Membership Roster updates have been accomplished and forwarded to the NCIL Office.
  • ADA Notification has been one of the main topics that the committee has been focused on. Wham articles have been written addressing the three bills currently in congress. HR3765 being the primary of the three bills which is gaining momentum. The Subcommittee has developed a “Don’t Roll Back Our Rights” campaign.
    • Talking Points have been developed for the Annual Conference and our legislative visits while in Washington.
    • The Legislative & Advocacy “Hot Topic” Session at the NCIL Conference will focus on HR3765 and feature the Talking Points
    • With the help of Sarah Launderville, a Facebook page “Oppose ADA Education and Reform Act HR 3765”, going much attention quickly.
    • 2000 Don’t Roll Back Our Rights” stickers and Speech for 2016 Rally
  • The Subcommittee continues to provide input to Mark Derry as work continues on the NCIL ADA Survey Academy. Booking Host Sites with project partners (NCIL Member Centers) has begun, as well as continuing discussions for an Access Academy Network as a bi-product of the initial project.
  • The committee has also continued its work with the Mental Health Sub-Committee on opposition of the Murphy Bill. Many of the pieces of this bill directly affect the Civil Rights of persons with disabilities intersecting the work of both committees.

Summary of progress on Strategic Plan responsibilities (if applicable): Ongoing in consultation with the Legislative and Advocacy Chair.

Matters requiring action by the Board/Members: None at this time.

Committee goals and objectives for the next year:

  • Continue the “Don’t Roll Back our Rights” Campaign nationally.
  • Continued development of the ADA Access Academy
    • Offering several trainings in the new year.
  • Establish a regular meeting schedule for the Parenting task force
    • Develop mission, goals, and priorities for the committee

Other: Thanks as always for the continued support of the NCIL Staff who help make the NCIL ADA/Civil Rights Subcommittee’s work possible, and thanks to all the Subcommittee Members for all their hard work for IL! Lead On!

ADRC Subcommittee Report

Prepared by: Ericka Reil, Co-Chair

Description of Committee: The purpose the ADRC subcommittee is too to address NCIL’s position on Aging & Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) to ensure that the NCIL ADRC position on IL principles and CIL / SILC equal partnerships occur in every ADRC.

Summary of activities conducted since the 2015 Annual Meeting: The activities conducted have been rolling out the learning platform for Options Counseling. Working with ACL on accessibility issues that have come up with it. We have also played an active role in meetings with the software developers around accessibility issues, organizing conference proposals to highlight ADRC nationwide, also in our own local areas we continue to educate our peers on the Independent Living philosophy and continuing monthly subcommittee calls.

Committee goals and objectives for the next year: The main goal is to continue to be nothing about us without us; we have found that a lot of planning for ADRCs has been without the disability perspective. We do not plan on being silent. We will continue to meet and attend meetings. We will also very vigilant on what conferences are happening and when so that we can make sure that we, as a group can try to get into them to make sure that the disability perspective on ADRC is being looked upon. We will also call upon NCIL to help us obtain these goals. We are also looking ahead to the possibility that ADRC maybe without funding sometime in the present future. We feel that we are strong advocates and are needed committee.

Housing Subcommittee Report

Prepared by: Brian Peters, Chair

Description of Committee: To promote the principles of affordable, accessible, healthy / non-toxic, decent, safe and integrated housing for person with disabilities.

Summary of activities conducted since the 2015 Annual Meeting:

  • Tracked bills and Congressional activities
  • Discussed HR 3700 with other advocates
  • Updated policy priorities
  • Members participated in HUD Disability Taskforce Meetings
  • Members participated in CCD Housing Taskforces
  • Followed up with HUD re: Section 504 accessibility requirements

Summary of progress on Strategic Plan responsibilities (if applicable): N/A

Matters requiring action by the Board/Members: N/A

Committee goals and objectives for the next year:

  1. To monitor and respond to the housing related federal legislation affection persons with disabilities/affordable housing.
  2. To promote the NCIL Housing Position Paper and the issues identified within.
  3. To educate policymakers on the housing needs of persons with varying disabilities.
  4. To monitor regulatory changes affecting persons with disabilities in programs

Mental Health Civil Rights Subcommittee Report

Prepared by: Mike Bachhuber, Chair

Description of Committee: Subcommittee of L&A Committee.  We work on mental health civil rights issues.

Summary of activities conducted since the 2015 Annual Meeting:

We have been working on federal mental health legislation, including HR 2646 and S 2680.  HR 2646 was passed by the House earlier this month.  S. 2680 had been passed by the Senate HELP Committee earlier this year.  We have been able to blunt the provisions most damaging to people with disabilities.

We have also worked on regulations, including opposing Social Security’s proposed rule to report people with Payees to the Dept. of Justice NICS and the FDA Electroshock rule.

Committee goals and objectives for the next year: We have not updated our statement of purpose, goals or objectives since last fall.

Rehab Act / IL Funding Subcommittee Report

Prepared by: Ann McDaniel & Jeff Hughes, Co-Chairs

Description of Committee: The Rehab Act Subcommittee is responsible for analyzing, interpreting, and advocating for needed changes to the statute and regulations. The Subcommittee will assure that the principles of independent living are reflected in the practices of those providing assistance under the Act and that those charged with enforcement under the Act carry out their responsibilities. Membership on this committee is open to individual members of NCIL with an interest in the Rehab Act and a commitment to assuring that the Act reflects the principles of independent living.

  • Summary of activities conducted since the 2015 Annual Meeting (since July 28, 2015):
  • Drafted comments on the regulations for Title VII, IL, proposed by the Administration for Community Living
  • Co-Chairs Shannon Jones and Diana Garrett resigned and Ann McDaniel & Jeff Hughes were appointed as the new Co-Chairs
  • New co-chairs met with NCIL President, Vice President, and Executive Director to establish priorities for the committee
  • Conducted monthly meetings beginning June 21, 2016
  • Established work group to develop NCIL’s comments on the proposed Standards and Indicators for SILCs – comments finalized July 20, 2016 and sent to NCIL membership
  • Co-Chairs participated (by phone) in meeting with OMB staff to discuss the proposed regulations and NCILs comments
  • Developed strategies for advocacy to support the appropriation increase for CILs proposed by the House Appropriations committee

Summary of progress on Strategic Plan responsibilities (if applicable):

  • Goal Category: Strengthening the IL Network
    • Goal 2: Increase IL Funding
      • House Appropriations Committee has proposed a $1.7 million increase to IL funding for FY 2017
      • This is due primarily to the efforts of Kelly Buckland, NCIL Executive Director, and Jeff Hughes, NCIL Rehab Act/IL Funding Subcommittee Co-Chair

Matters requiring action by the Board/Members: None.

Committee goals and objectives for the next year:

  • Continue to coordinate NCIL advocacy efforts to secure increased funding for Independent Living
  • Coordinate with Outcome Measures Task Force to comment on 704 reporting tool when it is released for public comment

Transportation Subcommittee Report

Prepared by: Jeff Iseman, Chair

Description of Committee: To promote affordable and accessible transportation for people with disabilities of all ages in rural, urban and suburban areas in the public and private sectors. Support for all modes of transportation so that they are inclusive of the disability community.

Summary of activities conducted since the 2015 Annual Meeting (since July 28, 2015): NCIL Transportation SUBCMTE holds bi monthly calls on the 3rd Wednesdays of odd numbered months from 3:00-4:00 PM EST. Last meeting was May 18 and next meeting will be July 20th. We have an e-mail list of about 20-30 stakeholders, including DOT staff. We continue to recruit new members. Attendance usually ranges between 5-10 individuals. We updates to CMTE members on transportation topics, often 1-3 e-mails a week. We have had speakers from DOT (Bryna Helfer) provide updates, George Wolff (Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition- Pennsylvania group that got a state transportation package passed in 2013; discussed similar model prior to FAST Act passage in December 2015) and scheduled someone representing Driverless Vehicles (Securing America’s Future Energy) on 7/20/16 call. We have participated with NCIL staff and other stakeholders in disability air travel stakeholder group (FAA, DOT 2015-0246 ‘Reg Neg’ and Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) enforcement) since spring. We have invited staff from CMS to provide updates on Medicaid Transportation (Medical Transportation, Managed Care Programs). Alerts were provided for NCIL WAM on air travel concerns where individuals could share their stories and most recent FAA Reauthorization (short term through September 2017).Participated in July14th NCIL Policy Briefing for Hill Day, NCIL L&A monthly call on April 22nd and updated Spring and Summer 2016 NCIL Legislative & Advocacy Priorities Booklet versions.

Issues since last report: In addition to air travel issues noted above (FAA Re-authorization was on President’s desk to be signed as of this writing- through September 2017), we continue to discuss and monitor TNC (Uber, Lyft) efforts along with disability service problems and efforts in various states; ADA Compliance on Amtrak and other highs speed rail systems; Mayors’ Challenge (Columbus Ohio was awarded grant out of 8 city finalists); Bicycle –Pedestrian Issues.

Continue to monitor the following legislation: HR 1846 (Bridge to Sustainable Infrastructure), HR 1448 (Transit Accessibility Innovation Act of 2015), HR 2071 (Safe Streets Act of 2015), HR 749 (Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act of 2015), ABLE Account –Updates, as ABLE Account funds can be used for transportation expenses (state implementations and possible future ABLE reforms).

Summary of progress on Strategic Plan responsibilities (if applicable): NA

Matters requiring action by the Board/Members: None.

Committee goals and objectives for the next year:

  • Recruit new members.
  • Increase collaboration with other disability organizations and non-disability organizations on transportation issues involving our community
  • Engage more and new members to write for NCIL WAM
  • Provide articles for NCIL WAM and other alerts as needed. Add new topics: Medicaid Transportation, Driverless cars, others

Issues: For the remainder of 2016 and 2017 (FY 2017 Federal Budget- THUD –HR 2557 is latest budget bill), we will continue to monitor and advocate to adequate transportation funding. For 2017, we will work within our group and support collaboration to get a long term FAA Re-authorization bill that sufficiently address disability needs in air travel with specific goals and outcomes, including funding for related disability trainings to improve all aspects of the air travel industry. Support efforts for sustainable and livable (accessible) communities, including support for increased Community Development Block Grants (CDBG0-funds curb cuts). Continue to educate members and do outreach on Transportation Networking Companies (TNCs- Uber, Lyft, etc.) on state, federal and local policy matters. Engage the current and incoming administrations on transportation issues, including both DOT and CMS (Medicaid) for greater collaboration. Engage more members in their state and community transportation groups: Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), Rural Planning & Transportation Organizations (RPTOs), statewide DOT advisory groups, transit advisory groups and others of relevance. Ask members and get report back on discussion with their members of Congress on transportation issues.

Veterans Subcommittee Report

Prepared by: Mark Derry & Sarah Launderville, Co-Chairs

Description of Committee: The NCIL Veterans Committee was established recognizing that Veterans with disabilities and/or their families need access to community based independent living services whether they are returning to civilian life and/or continuing their military careers. The committee is striving to promote greater awareness and use of CIL community based IL services available for veterans, their families and other veteran organizations.

Summary of activities conducted since the 2015 Annual Meeting:

The NCIL Veteran Subcommittee began meeting again in August 2015, after members at the NCIL conference asked for the subcommittee to be re-established. Mark Derry led the effort as Chair and Lou Ann Kibbee appointed Sarah Launderville as Co-Chair in August 2015.

The committee started with a small but very dedicated group of people and Billy Altom, executive director of APRIL joined every meeting ensuring that information and ideas were shared across both NCIL and APRIL membership.

The idea in this revitalization of the subcommittee was to re-establish relationships, and assess the needs of NCIL members in connection to working with veterans and policies effecting veterans. The subcommittee met monthly and discussed topics including:

  • MOU between the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Services, National Council on Independent Living and the Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living
  • ACL programs: ACL staff and leadership attended a meeting to discuss ACL/Veteran programs and said they would be willing to meet quarterly. Special thank you to Bob Michaels, Melissa Hulbert, John Wren, Lori Gerhard, and Victoria Wright
  • Discussion on the “Statement of Purpose”
  • Membership of the subcommittee
  • Legislative and Advocacy Veteran priorities
  • WAM article submissions
  • 2013 survey & creation of 2016 survey on CIL support of veterans
  • IL Conversation with on veterans in partnership with APRIL

The subcommittee put out a survey to NCIL membership executive directors and received 33 responses.

Read the final veterans report.

Summary of progress on Strategic Plan responsibilities (if applicable):

Goal: Marketing/branding campaign

A. NCIL’s Communications reach more IL Advocates and potential members

Although not directly related to the marketing/branding campaign, the NCIL Veterans subcommittee worked on communication and reaching out to more IL advocates and potential members of the subcommittee and of NCIL through the following actions:

  • The subcommittee sent surveys to the executive directors of all NCIL organizational members asking about veteran issues. Thirty-three directors from across the country responded.

Goal: Strengthening the IL Network & Goal: Increase Membership

The subcommittee submitted two WAM articles:

  • 12/16/15: Information about the subcommittee to increase participation, mark the passing of Veterans Day, and to give resources about Veteran groups. In the resources section, we were intentional in making sure we highlighted organizations that honor and work veterans who are women and veterans of color.
  • 04/07/16: WAM notification to executive directors to fill out the survey
  • 04/20/16: WAM article update from the subcommittee, survey information and technical assistance on the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Thanks to Billy Altom and Mary Olsen, Mark Derry & Sarah Launderville participated in an APRIL/ILRU IL Conversation on June 10, 2015. The program was recorded and is on the APRIL website.

There were over 50 lines open to listen to the program. There was great participation during the call, and some attendees have decided to join the subcommittee moving forward.

Matters requiring action by the Board/Members: None at this time.

Committee goals and objectives for the next year:

  • Increase membership
  • Identify ongoing leadership within the committee
  • Updating the October 2013 purpose statement and goals (to be finalized August 2016)
  • Ongoing conversations on NCIL L&A Veteran priorities
  • Publication of work for the WAM
  • Create work plan based on the survey results
  • Propose a workshop for the 2017 NCIL conference


On July 7, 2016 Lou Ann Kibbee appointed Billy Altom as the new co-chair of the veteran subcommittee. We are excited to have his dedication and energy in this new leadership position.

We want to extend a special thank you to Mark Derry for his dedication and commitment to the NCIL Veterans Subcommittee. As he steps down as co-chair of the subcommittee we honor his service and appreciate all he has done in to keep this important work going.

Violence and Abuse Subcommittee Report
Prepared by: Jan Derry and Roberta Sick, Co-Chairs

Description of Committee: The overall purpose of this subcommittee is to bring awareness about violence and abuse among people with disabilities, to NCIL and its centers and membership. Our effort is to help educate members and to get training out there so that programs can know what to do or what the issues are so that they can become involved.

Summary of activities conducted since the 2015 Annual Meeting:

  • Co-Chair Jan Derry joined NCIL’s Executive Director, Kelly, joined a group of advocates in Washington at the ACL office to discuss ACL’s plan to work with Adult Protective Services provides to develop voluntary guidelines for APS regarding time lines for response, effective communication, case load ratios, trauma based interviewing and the barriers to access services that people with disabilities face. The number one barrier being fear of APS itself and the unintended consequences of reporting.
  • Encouraged membership to actively participate in ACL’s public comment period regarding the proposed guidelines that ACL proposed in their attempt to develop a national adult protection system similar to the child protection system and provided suggested comments for NCIL to submit.
  • Submitted WHAM articles consistent with our goal to keep members educated on issues related to violence and abuse. In addition to writing one article related to the APS guidelines, articles were submitted on Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund, National Crime Victim’s Rights Week, Fair Housing and Sexual Harassment and Violent Crimes, People with Disabilities and the CIL Response.
  • Committee Co-Chair, Roberta Sick and Kelly participated in a roundtable at the Office of Violence Against Women regarding the topic of Violence and Men.
  • Member Kim Brittenham is working with the Women of Color Network, providing support to state SV/DV Coalitions to increase leadership of women of color.
  • Member Nellie Placencia was working with the University of Montana and her CIL focusing on preventing abuse and staying safe in your relationship.
  • Members Roberta Sick and Mary Oshwald are working with Jewish Women International
  • Subcommittee members assisted NCIL is responding to an inquiry from Portland University regarding possible partnership on a possible NIDILRR grant. Subcommittee members worked with Portland University to identify possible CILS to work with the project, if funded. Co-Chairs provided technical assistance for the writers and outreach to generate interested partners within the CIL network. The proposal, Our Lives: Safe & Strong, focused on infusing previously developed crime risk assessment tools in the CILS to assist consumers to develop strategies for safety and well-being through trauma informed services working with community based partners for referral and services.
  • Subcommittee members determined the need for additional issue based training so established plan to utilize one call per quarter for educating committee members. Training this quarter focused on remaining Victim Centered in Advocacy.
  • Advocacy efforts focused on responding to VOCA funding alert which is advocating for the removal of funding caps within the Violence and Abuse Act. , educating decision makers on the impact of funding cuts.
  • In addition to funding issues, the subcommittee developed a legislative watch list, assigned members to watch and report on Congressional activity on these bills. That list is included in the Summer edition of the Legislative & Advocacy Priority Guide.

Matters requiring action by the Board/Members: Continue to provide feedback to this committee regarding topics related to violence and abuse that should be discussed within this committee.

Committee goals and objectives for the next year: The Purpose of the subcommittee is to assist NCIL in fulfilling its mission by being the conduit to:

  • Educate and train the NCIL membership on violence and abuse
    • To utilize existing avenues to reach the greatest number of CIL staff, management and boards; including but not limited to WAM, IL-NET, NCIL Annual Conference and other national conferences, etc.
    • To work with NCIL in developing a website where NCIL members can access information and resources; and where members can post questions and gain access to other types of technical assistance.
  • To advocate for justice and equal access to victim services
  • To ensure that the voices of persons with disabilities are included in current and future legislative activities that address crimes, victimization and abuse.

Voting Rights Subcommittee Report

Prepared by: Kathy Hoell and Jim Dickson, Co-Chairs

Description of Committee: The purpose of the NCIL Voting Rights Subcommittee is to increase the participation of people with disabilities in the electoral process in order to maximize our ability to affect federal, state, and local political priorities. We are committed to ensuring that people with disabilities are educated on their right to vote and the full impact of being involved in the electoral process. This includes knowing their rights, how to register and cast a ballot, and how their everyday lives are affected by a group’s participation in, not just the outcome of, elections.

Summary of activities conducted since the 2015 Annual Meeting:

  • We are presenting GOTV session for the 2016 preconference and a breakout session about Volunteers and Voting.
  • We are delighted to report that the committee has grown and we are particularly pleased that we have added a number of active young leaders.
  • We have raised independent funds, which allows us to add a part time disability vote organizer to work with the subcommittee.
  • We have actively participated in the following coalitions: REV up the disability vote, national disability voter registration week, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights on efforts to restore The Voting Rights Act, and other national coalitions preparing election reform legislation for the next Congress.
  • We played it a role in filing a lawsuit against the New York State Board of elections because there went election website is not accessible.
  • We helped organize get out the disability vote coalitions in various states such as California, Massachusetts, and Missouri.
  • Through a variety of vehicles, we have promoted the idea that people with disabilities need to run for office.
  • At the committee’s urging the Government Accountability Office will be conducting a survey to measuring the accessibility of polling places on election day.
  • We have worked with the National Institute on Disability Independent Living Rehabilitation and Research to fund Rutgers University efforts to repeat its 2012 disability voter participation survey.
  • We helped the United States Election Assistance Commission hold a public hearing focused totally on voting accessibility as a result of the hearing, the commission issued the first ever disabled voters Bill of Rights, developed accessible formats for their material, and the Commission has made voting access a top priority.

Committee goals and objectives for the next year:

  • Provide comments, letter of support, work toward passage of Automatic Voter Registration
  • Hire Disability Vote Organizer
  • Items the committee will likely bring to the board next year.
    • At least one lawsuit because election sample ballots and websites are not accessible.
    • Congress is in the process of drafting several different election reform bills and the committee will be asking the board for NCIL to endorse them.

Executive Director’s Report