2021 Day on the Hill March

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  • Garret Frey holds a sign that says “Social & Political Issues are Disability Issues.”
  • Heather Sims holds a poster that says “Affordable Accessible Housing for All” and features a graphic of a house.
  • White, Green, and yellow poster from Community Access Center that says “Nothing About Us Without Us.”
  • Blue stencil on white poster-board says “Disability Justice – We Open the Door”
  • Hershel Jackson holds a sign that says “Equality Harms No One.”
  • A man in a black t-shirt holds two signs that say “ADA Rights” and “Disability Rights”. One features a fist with a rainbow.
  • A woman in a grey t-shirt holds a sign that says “Disability Rights are Human Rights.”
  • A woman in a patterned yellow shirt holds a sign that says “Not every disability is visible.”
  • A woman with her hair in a ponytail holds a sign that says “Disability is not a barrier, discrimination is.”
  • A sign with the words “POC with Disabilities Matter”
  • A group of advocates from Central Washington Disability Resources are outside holding their signs.