Important Information for Virtual Presenters

2021 Annual Conference on Independent Living Logo - LIBERTY, INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM, EQUITY. Presented by NCIL. Graphic features a line art drawing of three pulmeria flowers.
  1. Registration

Presenters and facilitators are not exempt from registration fees. Presenters must register and pay for all days they plan to attend; presenters that attend only their session and no other events do not need to pay.

  1. Virtual Sessions

Workshop sessions run for one hour and fifteen minutes. All sessions will be interpreted and captioned. If your presentation will take longer, you must apply for a series of workshops. Sessions will be held virtually using the ZoomWebinar platform. We will be offering training on Zoom for all confirmed presenters to learn about the platform and the best tricks and tips on presenting effectively and making the workshop accessible to both you and your audience on a virtual platform. The NCIL staff will be the ‘Host’ of all webinars and be available to support presenters and the audience with technical and access needs to help the presentation go smoothly and so that you can focus on your presentation. We will be providing confirmed presenters training and support for presenting a virtual session.

  1. Requirements:
  • Presentation and materials will be available to all registered virtual conference participants. We will also record your session so that participants can access it after the live event.
  • Submit your presentation materials, handouts if any, and a terminology list. More information in section 4.
  • Presenters have an option to download the Zoom Platform to show yourself on video (optional) or call in to the line provided for your session. (Link & call in number will be available at a later date.)
  • If presenters need us to screen share presentation slides and advance the slides while presenting, we can do that. This method will be very helpful if presenters have technical issues, presenters can have us advance the slides and the presenter(s) call in instead.
  1. Materials

Presenters must submit presentation materials by May 18, 2021. Your materials will be shared with sign language interpreters and CART writers to get familiar with the materials and terminology.

  • NCIL will handle the production and distribution of accessible formats (plain text, audio, large print, and Braille) for all materials submitted by the May 18, 2021 materials deadline.
  • Materials not submitted by May 18 MAY NOT be distributed or displayed during virtual workshops. Presenters MUST submit their materials by May 18 in order to be able to display them in their workshops.
  • Materials should follow these guidelines to improve accessibility:
    • Avoid pictures, images, screenshots, and complex tables and graphs.
    • If any of these items are critical to your presentation, provide a descriptive caption of the item.
    • Use plain language or provide a plain language version of your presentation.
  • Our attendees expect, and learn best when provided with print outs of presentation slides and relevant handout materials. To increase education and the application of concepts, we strongly encourage presenters to provide handouts.
  1. Deadlines

This Call for Proposals the only request that will be issued for speakers, group facilitators, or poster presentations for the 2021 Conference. NCIL’s Annual Conference Subcommittee carefully reviews each proposal and selects those that are, as a whole, relevant to this year’s Conference theme and are valuable to a cross-section of CIL, SILC, and IL Association staff, board members, consumers, and other IL advocates. No preference will be given to NCIL committees or affiliates. The Conference Subcommittee will review all proposals received by the deadline. The decisions of the Subcommittee are final.

  • Proposal presenters and facilitators will be notified by Monday, April 5, 2021 about whether or not they have been selected to make a presentation or facilitate a group at the Conference in July 2021.
  1. Accommodations for Presenters

If you need any accommodations to present your workshop, please notify Angela Ellman at [email protected] no later than July 1, 2021. You will have an opportunity to request accommodations when you register for the conference, so these requests would be specific to accommodations needed as a presenter during the workshop.

If you have any questions about this form or the work of the Subcommittee, please contact Angela Ellman at [email protected].