Sponsorship Opportunities

2021 Annual Conference on Independent Living Logo - LIBERTY, INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM, EQUITY. Presented by NCIL. Graphic features a line art drawing of three pulmeria flowers.

NCIL’s 2021 Virtual Conference Theme is Liberty, Independence, Freedom, and Equity.

In the past year, we have grappled with what LIFE means for people with disabilities. People with disabilities have lost their lives in unimaginable numbers to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustice, and natural disasters. Society at large is only beginning to understand what we have known for years: our world is not designed nor safe for people with disabilities, especially Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and other multiply-marginalized people with disabilities. But there is also great hope. We have known the answers to these questions for years – that we must end the institutional bias and reinvest in equitable, consumer-controlled, community-based programs and services. We have planned, advocated, and shouted these solutions from the rooftops. We need your support to make sure that our message reaches far and wide and that this year’s conference is our largest, most impactful event yet.

Liberty, Independence, Freedom, and Equity represent the pillars of the work we must do. We will fight for the liberty of people with disabilities incarcerated in institutions, including nursing homes, psychiatric institutions, intermediate care facilities, jails and prisons, and other congregate settings. We will fight for the independence and freedom of people with disabilities to lead our own lives. We will fight for equity in all that we do to achieve a more just, anti-racist, and equitable society and Independent Living Movement. This is our agenda. Join Us!

Last year’s virtual conference was our biggest conference ever, and we need you to help us make it bigger and better this year. We’ve revised our sponsorship opportunities based on feedback from our sponsors and attendees to give you more visibility and opportunities to network with our attendees than ever. Take a look at our sponsorship, exhibiting, and advertising opportunities and fill out the commitment form.

I would love to hear from you with any questions, requests, or to discuss custom options.

– Cara Liebowitz, [email protected].