Ads & Exhibits

2021 Annual Conference on Independent Living Logo - LIBERTY, INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM, EQUITY. Presented by NCIL. Graphic features a line art drawing of three pulmeria flowers.


  • Early Bird Discount: 10% off ads and exhibits if you book by May 7, 2021.
  • Member Discount: Member CILs and SILCs receive an additional 10% off ads and exhibits.


  • Small ad (512 px wide x 166 px tall): $550
  • Medium ad (512 px wide x 333 px tall): $950
  • Large ad (1024 px wide x 665 px tall): $1,650
  • App Banner ad (only 5 available!): $200


NCIL will be having virtual exhibit spaces to accompany our virtual conference! Without space constraints, the sky’s the limit with what you can do. Each exhibitor will have a custom web page that they can customize with their resources, links, and contact information.

  • Exhibit Space for Nonprofits: $1,500
  • Exhibit Space for For-Profit Companies: $2,600