About the NCIL Veterans Subcommittee

The NCIL Veterans Committee was established recognizing that Veterans with disabilities and/or their families need access to community based independent living services whether they are returning to civilian life and/or continuing their military careers.  The committee is striving to promote greater awareness and use of CIL community based IL services available for veterans, their families and other veteran organizations.

Current Subcommittee goals and objectives:

  1. Continue to review veteran’s issues and establish priorities for the subcommittee.
  2. Continue to monitor the objectives for NCIL/APRIL veteran’s initiative including collaboration with the VA.  NCIL/APRIL MOU has been released.
  3. Continue to review requests to support legislation identified by the CCD Veterans Task Force.

This Subcommittee is currently open to accepting new members. Current NCIL individual membership is required to join any NCIL Committee, Subcommittee, Task Force, or Caucus.