Bilingual Independent Living Specialist, ACCESS to Independence, Inc. (Madison, WI)

  • Closing / Removal Date: September 11, 2020
  • Posted: September 4, 2020


The Bilingual Independent Living Specialist promotes consumer directed services to persons with disabilities within a four-county area.  The Bilingual Independent Living Specialist is responsible for delivery and coordination of those independent living services requested by persons with disabilities to assist them in living independently.


  • Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree in a related field is preferred
  • An equivalent combination of education and experience in providing support to persons with disabilities may be substituted for the college degree
  • Two years of documented experience working with people with disabilities or first hand experience with a disability is required
  • Bilingual (English and Spanish) fluency is required
  • Knowledge of disability rights and the Independent Living Philosophy is preferred
  • Knowledge of service systems, and supports utilized by people with disabilities is required
  • Experience assisting others with accomplishing goals is required
  • Experience in the delivery of presentations and training to groups is required
  • Ability to develop and implement effective skills training is required
  • Knowledge of community resources is required
  • Ability to communicate effectively is required
  • An insured vehicle and valid driver’s license available for daily use, or ability to arrange own transportation is required
  • Ability to use computer, as well as operate office software is required
  • Knowledge of Assistive Technology and related resources is preferred
  • Knowledge of, and ability to utilize sign language is preferred
  • Knowledge of fair housing laws and accessible and affordable housing options is preferred
  • Knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act is preferred


  1. Provide Information and Referral Services
  • Acquire information about, share, and make referrals to community resources
  • Handle, respond to, and follow-up with individuals who contact ACCESS for disability-related questions, concerns, or issues, and complete requests
  • Provide documentation on all interactions through the I&R process, and enter into the data management system
  1. Provide Advocacy Services
  • Promote consumer choice and consumer control
  • Advocate with consumers to educate and support their interests, needs, and rights
  • Prepare for, and participate in, meetings when appropriate
  • Show awareness of, and participate in, systems change advocacy
  • Support grassroots advocacy efforts
  • Understand and support issues of importance to Latinx people with disabilities
  • Provide documentation on all activities into the data management system
  1. Provide Peer Support Services
  • Provide education on the benefits and use of peer mentors
  • Provide peer support directly to consumers, when appropriate
  • Coordinate peer support as part of service delivery
  1. Provide Independent Living Skills Training Services
  • Assist individuals with determining skills to gain, maintain, or improve
  • Provide skills training in a variety of areas of daily living
  • Provide training on the use of technology devices, apps, or software
  • Provide documentation on all activities into the data management system
  1. Provide Civil Rights Awareness and Assistance Services
  • Keep current on the Americans with Disabilities Act, and provide information as requested
  • Keep current on rules and regulations affecting persons with disabilities such as the Rehabilitation Act, and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
  • Provide, or assist with ADA structural and programmatic accessibility surveys
  • Provide public education about the ADA and other related issues
  • Provide documentation on all activities into the data management system
  1. Provide Assistive Technology Services
  • Keep informed of AT and related resources, including the AT4ALL website
  • Provide demonstrations on the use and benefits of AT available through the agency
  • Provide short-term loans of AT available through the agency
  • Provide support to consumers to identify the best AT available to meet their needs
  • Assist with awareness and application to resources for AT funding, including the WisLoan program
  • Provide documentation on all activities into the data management system
  1. Support Consumers in the Development of Goals and Independent Living Plans
  • Assist with goal development and setting IL Plans
  • Perform intake and maintain case files with updated information for each consumer
  • Provide coordination to ensure services are consistent and timely
  • Provide ongoing support for goal attainment, and document goal progress
  • Provide documentation on all activities and interactions related to case files, and enter into the data management system
  1. Employ Professional Judgment and Continue Professional Development
  • Participation in staff meetings, workgroups and committees
  • Identify and participate in trainings to advance knowledge and skills
  • Lead and/or participate in special agency projects
  • Identify areas of interest and specialty to act as an agency resource
  1. Other Duties as assigned


The Bilingual Independent Living Specialist is supervised by the Assistant Director.

UPDATED August, 2020

Access to Independence, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Accepting the resumes until September 11, 2020.

Resume and cover letter should be sent to Shar Brunes, Assistant Director, at:

Access to Independence

3810 Milwaukee Street

Madison, WI  53714