Elections and Ballots

Elections & Bylaw Amendments – Cast Your Ballot by July 20!

NCIL’s 2023 Governing Board elections are now open. Additionally, NCIL members are eligible to vote on proposed bylaw amendments.

The Candidate’s Forum on July 6 will give members an opportunity to learn more about the Candidates for NCIL’s Governing Board. You can vote before or after the Candidates’ Forum. Register for the Candidate’s Forum.

NCIL’s balloting process will remain open for 45 days. Please use this time to familiarize yourself with the candidates and the proposed bylaw amendments; attend the Candidate’s Forum on July 6; and fully consider your vote before you cast your ballot by July 20 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern.

These ballots will be conducted using the elections feature in NCIL’s new Member Center.

  • NCIL members can sign in to the Member Center and click “Elections” in order to cast a vote on these two ballots. Step-by-step instructions are available below.
  • Non-members can process their membership application to become eligible to vote; then cast their ballots in NCIL’s Member Center.
  • Only NCIL member individuals and organizations may cast a ballot. Associate members (staff of member organizations who do not hold an individual membership and who are not the primary contact for a member organization) are not eligible to vote.
  • People who hold an individual membership and serve as the primary contact for a member organization will have their vote weighted appropriately on both counts during the tallying process.

Cast Your Ballot

Once cast, all votes are final. Results will be announced during the Annual Council Meeting on July 25 and communicated electronically to the full membership shortly thereafter. NCIL is not offering proxies this year since voting is being made available to all members. No nominations or voting for candidates will take place during the Annual Council Meeting.

Contact [email protected] if you are unsure how to log in to the NCIL Member Center; cast your ballot; or process your individual or organizational membership if you are not yet a NCIL member.

Ballot 1: Governing Board Elections

The ballot for Governing Board elections includes information on each candidate. NCIL will also hold a Candidate’s Forum on July 6 from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. Eastern if you want to learn more about the candidates. The event will be archived and shared with captioning and a transcript for those that are not able to join the live event.

The following positions are open for election this year:

  • President,
  • Treasurer, 
  • three Member-At-Large positions, and
  • Representatives of Regions I, III, V, VII, IX (1, 3, 5, 7 & 9). (See NCIL Regions by State at ncil.org/regions).

Ballot 2: Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Step-by-Step Instructions for Casting Your Ballots:

  1. Log in to the NCIL Member Center at ncil.members.org. If you are not logged in, you will not be able to cast a vote.
  2. You will cast two ballots.
  3. After you are logged in, select “NCIL Board of Directors Election is now active”.
  4. Notice tabs provided to navigate the ballot.
  5. After reviewing all candidates / questions, fill out your ballot by clicking on the “Ballot” tab.
  6. Submit for your vote to be counted.
  7. Return to home page. Repeat process for the second ballot on proposed bylaws changes.

Alternate Formats

Please email [email protected] if you need an alternate format of the ballots.