The ADA Legacy Project

In 2015, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will turn twenty-five. In celebrating passage of this historic civil rights legislation, we will be looking at the past, present, and future of Americans with disabilities.

ADA Legacy Project - Preserve, Celebrate, Educate

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This is what The ADA Legacy Project (TALP) is all about. Our mission is to honor the contributions of people with disabilities and their allies by:

  • preserving and promoting the history of the disability rights movement;
  • celebrating the impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as other related disability rights legislation and accomplishments; and
  • educating the public to create opportunities for inclusion, access, and equal rights for the future.
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  1. To encourage the collection of historical materials related to the disability rights movement and to connect efforts to preserve, promote, and exhibit materials from the disability rights movements.
  2. To coordinate activities for the ADA25 Anniversary in 2015.
  3. To promote the development and use of educational curricula that raises awareness of the history, contributions, and issues still facing people with disabilities, and promotes involvement in advocacy.

The disability community is a thriving network of individuals and organizations who are actively involved in many of these initiatives. As such, the role of The ADA Legacy Project is simply to connect, coordinate and communicate these efforts. This is how we will accomplish our goals.

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We invite you to join one of our work groups:

  • Preservation Work Group
  • Celebration Work Group
  • Education Work Group

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We offer a variety of opportunities to support the work of The ADA Legacy Project:

  • Sponsor: Platinum ($50,000 and up); Gold ($25,000 and up); Silver ($10,000 and up); Bronze ($5,000 and up)
  • Champion: $2,500 and up
  • 25/25 Legacy Network: $25 and up

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