NCIL Board of Directors

NCIL’s Governing Board is composed of 23 individuals, a majority of whom have disabilities. The Governing Board meets four times each year. A seven member Executive Committee, which meets monthly via teleconference, is empowered to make policy decisions between Governing Board meetings.

Executive Committee:

  • Kent Crenshaw, President
  • Jeff Hughes, Vice President
  • Jeremy Morris, Treasurer
  • John Herring, Secretary
  • Theo Braddy, Executive Director
  • Larissa Martin, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEIA) Committee Chair
  • Kimberly Meck, Regional Representative Committee Chair

Regional Representatives: Steve Higgins (Region 1), Aaron Baier (Region 2), Vicki Landers (Region 3), Vacant (Region 4), Vacant (Region 5), Samantha Moreno (Region 6), Shelly Osgood (Region 7), Vacant (Region 8), Lisa Hayes (Region 9), and Kimberly Meck (Region 10)

Members At Large: Latricia Seye, Suzanna Gamez, Amy Tweedle, Thomas Earle, Jason Beloungy, and Brittany Boyd-Chisholm.

Youth Member At Large: Vacant

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