The Grassroots Project: Supporting Disability Advocacy Nationally

NCIL Announces New Project Supporting Grassroots Disability Advocacy Nationally 

The Grassroots Project: Supporting Disability Advocacy Nationally is funded by the Administration for Community Living and is administered by the Human Services Research Institute.

NCIL will partner with HSRI and other national disability organizations through a National Advocacy and Action Coalition, comprised of the the ACL-funded Developmental Disability, Independent Living, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Protection and Advocacy programs.

Together we will position the next generation of cross-disability, cross-generational and culturally diverse grassroots advocates as leaders and catalysts of systems change that hold states and / or providers accountable and responsive to input. The project will support state and local advocacy and action coalitions in leveraging the ACL disability networks in each state and territory to advance quality community living. 

NCIL is centering its project to support CILs, and IL network to improve engagement and services to marginalized and underserved communities (including Black Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQ+, and cross-disability).  NCIL aims to empower and build BIPOC and marginalized coalitions and advocates’ capacity to engage in systems change.  NCIL will also support the development of statewide cross-disability activities. 

What to expect? 

  • Support Centers for Independent Living and Statewide Independent Living Councils to participate in state HCBS waiver renewal activities. 
  • Regional Listening Sessions start April 4, 2024. 
  • Monthly Office Hours to support advocates and state disability coalitions. 
  • Training and Education opportunities for advocates and state disability coalitions. 
  • DEAI Roundtable Discussions for IL Network. 

NCIL wants to hear from our members about local and state advocacy coalitions, initiatives, and other advocacy efforts. Please reach out to Mary-Kate ([email protected]) to share what is going on in your community and state. 

For more information or questions about this project, please contact Mary-Kate Wells at [email protected].