Transportation Subcommittee

NCIL’s Transportation Subcommittee will examine and discuss at our bi-monthly teleconference calls the trends, direction, legislation and transportation positions of other organizations interested in transportation services. Whenever possible, we will have speakers on our calls from other organizations, including from the U.S. Department of Transportation, working to enhance transportation services and in particular as it pertains to persons with disabilities. Action Alerts will be sent out for action to Committee Members as well as informational bulletins.

Accessible transportation is critical for persons with disabilities to live more independently within their own community. The lack of accessible transportation options is one of the most significant barriers facing people with disabilities toward maximizing community integration. By implementing policies that enhance accessible, universal design and affordable public and private transportation, people with disabilities can attend school, obtain & maintain employment, make medical visits, shop, travel within the communities of their choice, and fully participate in the American Dream.