Disability Employment – Insights and Experiences from Independent Living

How do you navigate the employment market when you have a disability? Should you disclose your disability to your employer? What does it take to maintain a job after you start working? To learn more, register for NCIL’s upcoming webinar!

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and NCIL has created an intersectional and intergenerational panel featuring speakers from across the IL movement. The hour-long discussion will be moderated by Antoine Hunter and talk about the panelists experiences, knowledge, and expertise on disability employment. Register now to take part and learn tips, tricks, and tactics to entering and staying in the workforce.

Target Audience: Individuals with disabilities who want tips to get a job and keep it.  While CIL staff are welcome to join, the panel will focus on tips for individuals rather than details on operating an employment program. 


Bronna Crase, Director of Programs and Supported Employment Services, Central Iowa Center for Independent Living

Marie Dagenais-Lewis, Disabled Art Activist, Content Associate @ Diversability, & Social Media Manager @ Omnium 

Brian Dennis, Workforce Program Coordinator – Disability Services, Iowa Workforce Development

Antoine Hunter – Moderator, Director & Founder for Urban Jazz Dance Company, Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival, #DeafWoke

CART Captioning and ASL Interpreting will be provided.

Image Descriptions:

Bronna Crase: Mature woman with blonde shoulder length hair, wearing a royal blue jacket over a black high neck shirt.  Women layers a silver and black necklace over the black shirt. Woman is smiling with head tilted slightly.

Marie Dagenais-Lewis: Marie, a pale skinned woman with dark hair pulled back sits on a set of rainbow painted stairs as she looks up towards the camera; she is wearing dark lipstick paired with a black fishnet cropped hoodie over a dark metallic dress. 

Brian Dennis: Photo is of an African American male, wearing a blue shirt, white t-shirt, and glasses.

Antoine Hunter: A Native American African-American person with dark chocolate skin from his mother. He has almond shaped eyes with long lashes. He has long black dreadlocks tied in a low ponytail and a full beard. Antoine is wearing a large brown wrap and looking artistically at the camera.