Introduction to Campaigns, Self and Opposition Research for Candidates

October 14, 2021; 1:00 to 2:30 PM Eastern


Trainer: Allen Nesbitt, Nesbitt Research, Founder and CEO, Nesbitt and Parrinello, Inc.

Guest Speaker: Rebecca Lamorte, Former Candidate for New York City Council District 5

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What do you need to know when thinking about running for office? During our first webinar, we’ll give you a brief checklist of things you need to consider before starting a campaign. Then, we’ll hear from Allen Nesbitt of Nesbitt Research about self and opposition research. What is opposition research? Who should undertake it? How is it used? Our guest speaker will be Rebecca Lamorte about her experience running for New York City Council

About Allen Nesbitt

Allen Nesbitt is the founder and CEO of Nesbitt & Parrinello, Inc. Allen advises labor campaigns, climate causes, their allies, and senior government officials globally on risks in volatile public campaign environments. From the fight for better health care that is more affordable to the fight to save our planet, Allen’s teams have won some of the most meaningful campaigns of our day. Allen has advised the only Indian American in the 113th Congress; the first openly gay U.S. Representative from New York; the first openly gay mayor of Lexington, Kentucky; the first Black U.S. Representative from Nevada; and the first Black U.S. Senate nominee in Florida history.

About Rebecca Lamorte

Growing up in a politically active family on Long Island, Rebecca learned early on how deliberate, bold action can change people’s lives for the better. After a subway accident left her partially disabled, she saw an intimate portrait of how New York can work better for all communities, and was inspired to grow her involvement in efforts to make New York City a place where everyone can thrive.

Rebecca cut her teeth on progressive politics at Fordham University and, in 2011, began working on labor and workforce issues in New York. She has worked for some of New York’s most prominent labor unions, leading the charge on legislative and issue-based campaigns about land use, housing, wages, and workforce safety and training. On campaigns like the Fight For $15 and the legislative push for the Construction Safety Act, for example, Rebecca observed how progressive policies can lead to tangible benefits for individuals and families in New York City.  

In 2013 Rebecca was pushed on the New York City subway, resulting in lifelong mobility impairment and a degenerative pain syndrome in her left leg. The accident changed Rebecca’s life and made her want to fight not just for herself, but all disabled and vulnerable New Yorkers ignored and purposefully left out of planning and policy conversations. In 2021, Rebecca ran for New York City Council in Manhattan’s on a platform rooted in disability, economic, housing, and racial justice. She placed third in a competitive 7-person primary election and through her campaign elevated disability justice to become a citywide issue for all Mayoral and Council candidates. 

Rebecca lives on the Upper East Side in Manhattan with her dachshund, Forrest. She works for the Mason Tenders District Council of Greater New York as a lobbyist representing the needs of unionized construction and other workers before New York City, New York State, and the federal government.