Sample Letter to Election Officials Regarding Accessibility of Election Websites

(Insert date)

Dear (insert name of election official),

I am writing on behalf of {insert name of Center for Independent Living (CIL) or myself} to request a meeting with you and the appropriate members of your staff to discuss your plans to ensure that voting will be accessible to all voters with disabilities in this November’s presidential election. We are particularly interested in the accessibility of your election website. The mission of (Insert name of CIL) is (insert mission statement for CIL). As you know, the disability community has had a long standing expectation that voting will be completely accessible.

At a recent meeting of The United States Election Assistance Commission Board of Advisors, the Deputy Attorney General for Civil Rights, Justin Levitt was a speaker. He presented the Justice Department’s position on voting accessibility. He made the following points regarding the accessibility of election related websites. First, Federal law requires that all parts of election websites must be accessible and that the Department of Justice is aware that many election websites are not accessible. This means that the Department will be acting to ensure that voters with disabilities have access to all the information available to able-bodied voters.

As you are aware, there is only a little more than five months before the election. Therefore, we would like to meet within the next 7 to 10 days, so we can work with you and your office to ensure that all voters are able to cast a private and independent ballot.